Sunday, February 26, 2012

freedom in manila

Metal sculptures, "Kaivalya I and II" by Grace Katigbak.

Love, love, love this: "Leap of Love" by Grace Katigbak.

I went to Alliance Francaise last week to see liberation in paint, metal and stone. Kaivalya, which in Sanskrit means freedom from the bondage of karmic patterns, is an art exhibit put together by painter, sculptor, poet and all-around-beautiful heart Grace Katigbak, fellow-ashtangi and yoga classmate.

To see Grace's artwork really brings it home, that yoga is wherever you find honest expression, that freedom comes in all forms and exists in all places. Of course, I can't help but especially relate to her work, so much of it inspired by yoga, especially ashtanga.

Yes! "Seed of Ashtanga Yoga"

Yoga is a creative process. As you clear the way with whatever yoga practice nourishes you, you create space for new things. Grace embodies this as an artist and captures this in her work.

As a yoga practitioner myself, her artwork evokes that creative energy that practice inspires. In "Seed of Ashtanga Yoga" I see my self, my practice, how it has given birth to a new me, many times over. In "Urdva Dhanurasana" I see how the practice has to opened me up in ways I am still trying to fathom.

This is the creative power of yoga, it transforms and sheds light to new possibilities, in the body, in the mind and in the soul.

Urdva Danurasana
By Grace Katigbak

"The one who is seeking, is the one you are

Why am I:
Mirrored in the bodies of sweat?
Plucked from the sanctuary of my solitude?
Fallen into a forest of young limbs?
Learning to find my cave
in my lowered lids?
Moving in order to be more still?

Who I am is more than what I am.

Learning a new dimension into my bliss?
Constantly asking, never knowing
Is it this? Or this? Or This?

Grace's work, like herself, is bold, infused with a quiet wisdom and wonder, and full of grace. I really love how her pieces relate the intricacies of yoga practice, the devotion that develops with it, and the liberation it cultivates. Her exhibit Kaivalya: Liberation will run until March 8 at Alliance Francaise de Manille, Nicanor Garcia Street, Makati.

Clearing the way: "Ganesha".

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