Saturday, January 28, 2012

the love of others

I'm in Singapore. Awaiting the last of my connecting flights that will land me back home in Manila. I feel remarkably steady for someone whose sleep for the last 48 hours have been pieced together from bumpy car and plane rides.

It's been tough with my dad in hospital. India seems like it should be quite close to the Philippines; they're both in Aisa after all. But the reality is, what with air routes and the infrastructures of developing countries, it's not easy to travel in between the two countries. Me rushing over has been a 48 hour journey.

I've been emotional too. And at the start quite panic stricken. But I am feeling more and more steady thanks to the love of others: the support of friends in Mysore, who offered their help so willingly, friends in Manila who are volunteering their blood or rallying for more donations, friends from far and wide who send their well wishes. I feel so much love. And so much gratitude for that love.

We human beings are made for such moments. We rise to the occassion, showing magninimity and grace in the face of adversity. We come together. We raise each other up. I feel so blessed. I feel so supported. I am still standing now thanks to the love of others.

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