Sunday, October 28, 2012

clocks go back, we still move forward

Autumn day at London Fields, Hackney.

The clocks go back tonight -- at least for the English, who observe daylight savings. There will be an extra hour of sleep for all of us within this time zone. Along with a little more morning light. But the days will shorten overall, as the sun keeps shorter hours in these northerly latitudes.

And while I will enjoy the extra hour in bed, I know that there is no turning back the clock, that time is a relentless pushy thing. There is no dodging it. No side stepping it. No ignoring it. It demands acknowledgement and respect. It keeps pushing onwards and with it comes its bedfellow, change.

This marks the end of my summer. No surprise, really, the signs of the changing seasons have been showering me lately. But I see that this is the end of one particular leg of what I am realizing might be an unending journey.

And quietly, alone in my borrowed bed, I respectfully honor the change. I bow to the sands of time that unceremoniously slip through my fingers. I do my best not to regret the lost hours and with it the misplaced opportunities, which I had neither the vision to see, nor the courage to undertake. For time also urges us forward. Out there, beyond time, our destiny awaits.

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