Tuesday, June 12, 2012

post boracay babble

Better than breakfast! Sunrise in Bolabog Beach.
I had these illusions that there would be time for everything: work, teaching, going to the beach, touching base with friends, self-study, guitar lessons, writing…But things never go according to plan, especially when time is limited.

In the two months that I was on the island (I just left 2 days ago), I felt like I accomplished the work that had brought me there with Greenpath and Boracay Yoga. I was also able to share with the small but wonder-full local ashtanga community some of what I’d cultivated during the last year of wandering. It was a time to give and to share.
And now I feel the weight of words that didn’t get a chance to make it on “paper.” Volumes on the tip of tongue. What to write? What to express first? I guess, the following articles will be a collection of thoughts that I didn’t get to properly develop whilst on the island.

Some of it is external. But most will attempt to scratch the surface, because there is more to the island than what most people who come to visit ever get to see or experience. There is an elusive magic to this crazy little island...

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