Thursday, April 11, 2013


Enjoying a few stolen moments here in the Hong Kong International Airport. In a way, these are precious hours. I am neither here nor there. Nothing to do,  no errands to run, no appointments to catch, no sights to see.

Exhaling: Behind me, India. Mysore. An entire life. My home for 3 months out of the year. For me, a place of deep process.

Inhaling: Before me, Manila. A lifetime of history. Family. And pending work responsibilities and personal meetings. Also, a place to recharge and feel my roots.

But for now, I am enjoying this gap between breaths.

I sit, looking out into the tarmac. All around, there's this soupy gray. It is raining. After so much of India's extreme heat, such strong and dry summer sunshine, to be met by so much water. I feel relief seeing the moisture of South East Asia. I feel the intangible dust of India being gently rinsed off. And the artifact that was unearthed this trip is carefully being restored by mother nature.

How will I be in a few hours, meeting a different kind of heat in Manila? How different will I feel from now? How different from yesterday? From when I first landed in Mysore at the end of 2012? I know I will undoubtedly feel the shifts. And going home, being with family, being in familiar surrounds, surrounded by old patterns of behavior always magnifies things.

But for now, I'm happy to have a moment, to feel transition, to observe the state of being in between.

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